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Himalayan Blue Sheep

The Himalayan blue sheep is a excessive mountain sheep that observed within the Himalayan levels of India, Nepal, China and Pakistan. In India, they referred to as as ‘Bharal’ and in Nepal their name is Naur. The Himalayan blue sheep prefer to live in rocky hills at an altitude of 4000-6000 ft above sea degree.
The Himalayan blue sheep have a frame duration among  3.8-5.5 feet and weigh as much as seventy five kg. they have a brief, dense coat that is available in greyish shade with a blue tint. This precise coat color allow them to disguise towards the Himalayan rocks. On facing a hazard from predators like snow leopard, the
Himalayan blue sheep use this camouflage trick. They remain motionless to mixture with the rocky surroundings. thus, it turns into tough for the predator to identify the sheep.

The Himalayan blue sheep discovered in herds that contain 10 or more members. They prefer to roam in high mountains wherein masses of grass is available. The Himalayan blue sheep are specifically grazers. however additionally they feed on herbs and shrubs when the grass is scarce at the mountain slopes.


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