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Wild Boar

The wild boar is a extensively disbursed mammal that found at some stage in the Asia, Northwest Africa and Europe. There are sixteen one of a kind subspecies of untamed boar within the international. Wild boars can thrive in one of a kind sorts of habitats. they can even discover in the Himalayan variety. The wild boars located within the Himalayan range of India have a grayish-black coat.
The wild boars are medium-sized mammals. An person wild boar has a duration among four-6.five toes and weighs as much as two hundred kg. The thick coat of wild boars is available in exceptional shades such as brown, black, grey or purple.

The maximum substantial feature of a wild boar is a pair of tusks on the lower lip. The tusks of male wild boars are longer than the ladies. all through mating season, from November to January, the male wild boars fight each different the usage of their tusks to get the girl.

The wild boars live in companies that have participants among 10-30. they're nocturnal animals and spent day hours in napping.  They spent round 10-12 hours in drowsing during the sunlight hours and most effective pop out at night time to discover food. Wild boars are omnivorous and that they feed on berries, nuts, roots, bugs and carrion.


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