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Himalayan Black Bear

The Himalayan black endure is also known as Asiatic black undergo that discovered throughout the foothills of Himalayas, Southern China, Myanmar, Southern Russia and Afghanistan. due to deforestation and searching, the populace of Himalayan black bears have decreased dramatically. The global Union for Conservation of Nature has been classified this species as prone.
The Himalayan black bears are medium to massive sized bears. usually, an grownup Himalayan black bear has a frame period among 54 to 65 inches and weighs as much as a hundred and twenty kg. they have a
stunning black coat with yellow crescent on the chest. those first rate bears had been hunted for many years specially for their pores and skin and gall bladder.

The Himalayan black bears are efficient climbers. They spend maximum of the sunlight hours on tree branches. additionally they constructed nests within the bushes by folding the branches. The Himalayan black bears spent the summer season in excessive regions, at an altitude of ten thousand-12000 ft. however on the advent of iciness, they descend to the decrease level in their habitat.

The Himalayan black bears hibernate for the duration of the wintry weather. so that, before the appearance of winter they consume meals with high fats content material to add extra layers of fat to their frame. The Himalayan black bears are omnivorous animals. They feed on small animals, honey, nuts, fruits and roots.


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