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Himalayan Monal

The Himalayan monal is a stunning colourful bird of the pheasant circle of relatives. This lovely chicken discovered in the Himalayas, from Afghanistan to Nepal to Northeast India. They inhabit in open or combined forests. Himalayan monal is likewise the countrywide hen of Nepal. it's far a high-altitude hen, choose to stay in high mountainous slopes at a height of 6880 to 14800 ft above sea stage. The male Himalayan monal is known for its putting plumage of various metallic colorations consisting of blue, green, red and red. They regularly known as as ‘nine colored chook’ due to its stunningly colourful plumage. The steel inexperienced crest is the another great function of the male monal. they also have reddish-brown neck, bluish black wings, and purple returned.

The girl Himalayan monals aren't so colorful as male birds. they've an universal brownish-black look. The girl monals additionally have the crest like the male birds. however it's far small and brown in coloration.

The Himalayan monals use different calls to speak with other birds within the organization. at some stage in mating season, the male monal makes use of their calls and frame display which includes bobbling of the crest and fanning of tails to attract the woman chicken.


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