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Red Panda

The pink panda is a home cat sized mammal with a big furry tail. They discovered temperate forests of the Himalayas. in keeping with global Union for Conservation of Nature red panda is a threatened species. handiest less than ten thousand purple pandas left within the international because of habitat loss, fragmentation and poaching. The pink pandas measures 20-25 inches in duration and 4-sixty two kg in weight. they have got very attractive lengthy reddish-brown fur. The maximum noticeable function of the pink pandas is their long furry tail which have a duration between 11-20 inches. Their huge tail additionally has an trade mild and dark jewelry.

The crimson pandas are nocturnal animals. They spend the day hours in drowsing at the tree branches and simplest come down at night for finding the food. This night time time foraging help the purple pandas to keep away from threats from ability predators like snow leopards. in contrast to the giant pandas, the crimson pandas feed on an expansion of food, such as berries, plant leaves, roots, chook eggs and acorns.


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