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Snow Leopard

The snow leopard is probably the maximum extremely good animal observed in the Himalayas. This lovely grey leopard can be found in the Indian Himalayas and different rocky mountains of vital Asia. The snow leopards are particularly adapted to the lifestyles on harsh environments of the Himalayas.
The thick grey hair of snow leopards can flawlessly balance the body warmth in all seasons. usually, an adult snow leopard has a period among 30-50 inches and weigh as much as seventy five kg. Their frame and legs are so powerful. that will without difficulty climb the steep mountain slopes. On a single jump, the snow
leopards can pass a distance of 15 meters. The long tail additionally gives them best stability.

The paws of snow leopards are also perfectly tailored to walk within the snow. Their paws are extensive and undersides are covered with fur. It additionally minimizes the warmth loss and provide the precise grip to walk at the-the steep slopes.

In summer season, the snow leopards may be observed at an altitude among 2500-6000 meters. In iciness, they'll descend to the lower level of the mountains. The snow leopards are powerful predators. in the Himalayan vicinity, they specially prey on blue sheeps, marmots and hares.

After mind

no matter its harsh environments, the Himalayas are home to many remarkable species of animals. they are flawlessly adapted to lifestyles inside the hard conditions of the Himalayas. The above is most effective a short list of animal life in the Himalayas. experience loose to proportion your understanding about this topic inside the remark phase beneath.


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